Doctoral Students

Supervisor (graduated)

  1. Dr. Daniel Buschek (LMU Munich)
    Defense Date: 25.06.2018
    Topic: Behavior-Aware Mobile Touch Interfaces
    Current Position: Research Group Leader at University of Bayreuth
  2. Dr. Mariam Hassib (LMU Munich)
    Defense Date: 01.08.2018
    Topic: Designing Communication Technologies based on Physiological Sensing
    Current Position: Post-Doc at the Bundeswehr University Munich (Germany)
  3. Dr. Mohamed Khamis (LMU Munich)
    Defense Date: 07.08.2018
    Topic: Gaze Interaction in Public Space
    Current Position: Assistant Professor at the University of Glasgow (UK)
  4. Dr. Eva Lösch (Bundeswehr University Munich)
    Defense Date: 23.01.2020
    Topic: Unterstützung der Exploration von mehrbenutzerfähigen interaktiven Informationstafeln im (halb) öffentlichen Raum
  5. Dr. Michael Braun (BMW Group / LMU Munich)
    Defense Date: 27.05.2020
    Topic: Affective User Interfaces in the Car

Supervisor (ongoing)

  1. M.Sc. Rivu Radiah (Bundeswehr University, Munich)
    Virtual Reality as a Research Tool
  2. M.Sc. Yasmeen Abdrabou (Bundeswehr University, Munich)
    Gaze-based Secure Interfaces
  3. M.Sc. Lukas Mecke (Bundeswehr University, Munich)
    Topic: Behavioral Biometrics
  4. M.Sc. Sarah Prange (Bundeswehr University, Munich)
    Topic: Usable Security in Smart Homes
  5. M.Sc. Michael Fröhlich (CDTM)
    Topic: Novel User Interfaces for Crypto Currencies
  6. M.Sc. Felix Dietz (Bundeswehr University, Munich)
    Topic: Physiological Security
  7. M.Sc. Simon von der Au (Bundeswehr University, Munich)
  8. M.A. Julia Kuisl (Bundeswehr University, Munich)