Research Achievements

I have been conducting research at the crossroads of Human-Computer Interaction and Ubiquitous Computing for the past 10 years. During this time, I significantly contributed to two emerging areas of research: Usable Privacy and Security and Interaction in Public Space. My major research achievements are

  • invention of new authentication concepts (CHI’16) as well as novel authentication mechanisms based on gaze (CHI’12, CHI’20), behavioral biometrics (CHI’16, CHI’18, CHI’19, SOUPS’19), and images (Ubicomp’14, MobileHCI’15); in-depth investigation of various threat models such as thermal attacks (CHI’17, Honorable Mention) and shoulder surfing (CHI’17); and the investigation of authentication in new application areas, e.g., VR (USEC’17, CHI’19).
  • creating a comprehensive understanding of audience behavior in public space — in particular, conveying the interactivity of public displays (Looking Glass, CHI’12, 204 citations, Best Paper Award), building a behavioral interaction model (The Audience Funnel, ACM Multimedia’10, 257 citations), the most widely cited methodology paper for evaluating public displays (How to evaluate public displays?, ACM PerDis’12, 97 citations), and a text book on Pervasive Displays (Synthesis Lectures, 2013).

Research Output

  • I have published over 180 refereed archival publications listed in DBLP. Most of these were published in journals and proceedings of international conferences with equivalent standing (acceptance rate <25%).
  • My publications are well cited by the community (>4600 citations) with six publications having been cited more than 100 times. I have an h-index of 33.
  • I have the second most papers in ACM SIGCHI 2017 among 2100 authors (https://goo.gl/eXLMnH )
  • In my career I received 3 Best Paper Awards and 6 Honorable Mention Awards. 

Peer Esteem in the Community

  • General Chair of the 17th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM’18).
  • Steering Committee Chair of the Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia Conference Series (since 2019).
  • Technical Program Chair of Mensch und Computer 2020.
  • Subcommittee Chair for CHI 2020 and CHI 2021
  • PC Chair of international conferences (Mensch und Computer 2019, MUM’16, ACM PerDis’15).
  • Associate Chair for CHI, DIS, NordiCHI; associate editor of the IMWUT journal; long-standing service on the PCs of ACM Multimedia, ACM PerDis, ACM MUM, Augmented Human, WWW; reviewer for >50 conferences (e.g., CHI, Ubicomp, MobileHCI, ITS) and journals (e.g., ACM ToCHI, Pervasive Computing).
  • 3 Special Recognition Award for exceptional reviews at CHI 2014, CHI 2015, and CHI 2016.
  • External examiner for PhD theses and master theses.

Research and Teaching Activity

  • Self-responsible teaching of master and bachelor level courses on Human-Computer Interaction, Pervasive Computing, Information Visualization (all lectures) and practical courses on Media Design.
  • Organizer of the UIST School 2018, two doctoral colloquia and lecturer at three winter schools.

Projects and Administration

  • Acquisition of a ZD.B funded research group on behavioral biometrics (budget 1.2M €)
  • Several DFG projects (ubihave, Scalable Biometrics)
  • Setup of a research group in usable security and privacy and an interaction lab (BehAVR Lab) at the Bundeswehr University, Munich.