Research Achievements

I have been conducting research at the crossroads of Human-Computer Interaction and Ubiquitous Computing for the past 15 years. During this time, I significantly contributed to two emerging areas of research: Usable Privacy and Security and Interaction in Public Space. My major research achievements are

  • invention of new authentication concepts (CHI’16, SOUPS’19, USEC’23) as well as novel authentication mechanisms based on gaze (CHI’12, CHI’20, CHI’21, CHI’23), behavioral biometrics (CHI’16, CHI’18, CHI’19, CHI’21, SOUPS’19), and images (Ubicomp’14, MobileHCI’15); in-depth investigation of various threat models such as thermal attacks (CHI’17, Honorable Mention) and shoulder surfing (CHI’17); and the investigation of authentication in new application areas, e.g., VR (USEC’17, CHI’19, CHI’21).
  • creating a comprehensive understanding of audience behavior in public space — in particular, conveying the interactivity of public displays (Looking Glass, CHI’12, 204 citations, Best Paper Award), building a behavioral interaction model (The Audience Funnel, ACM Multimedia’10, 257 citations), the most widely cited methodology paper for evaluating public displays (How to evaluate public displays?, ACM PerDis’12, 97 citations), and a text book on Pervasive Displays (Synthesis Lectures, 2013).

Research Output

  • I have published over 300 refereed archival publications listed in DBLP. Most of these were published in journals and proceedings of international conferences with equivalent standing (acceptance rate <25%).
  • My publications are well cited by the community (>8400 citations) with 18 publications having been cited more than 100 times. I have an h-index of 48.
  • I had the second most papers in ACM SIGCHI 2017 among 2100 authors (https://goo.gl/eXLMnH )
  • In my career, I received 4 Best Paper Awards and 6 Honorable Mention Awards. 

Peer Esteem in the Community

  • General Chair of the 17th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM’18).
  • Steering Committee Chair of the Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia Conference Series (since 2019).
  • Paper Chair of ACM ISS 2023 and 2024.
  • Technical Program Chair of Mensch und Computer 2020 and 2023.
  • Subcommittee Chair for CHI 2020 and CHI 2021
  • PC Chair of international conferences (Mensch und Computer 2019, MUM’16, ACM PerDis’15).
  • Associate Chair for CHI, DIS, NordiCHI; associate editor of the IMWUT journal; long-standing service on the PCs of ACM Multimedia, ACM PerDis, ACM MUM, Augmented Human, WWW; reviewer for >50 conferences (e.g., CHI, Ubicomp, MobileHCI, ITS) and journals (e.g., ACM ToCHI, Pervasive Computing).
  • 13 Special Recognition Awards for exceptional reviews at CHI, UIST, and IMWUT.
  • External examiner for Ph.D. theses and master theses.

Research and Teaching Activity

  • Self-responsible teaching of master and bachelor level courses on Human-Computer Interaction, Pervasive Computing, Information Visualization (all lectures), and practical courses on Media Design.
  • Organizer of the Post-CHI 2023 Usable Security Summer School, UIST School 2018, three doctoral colloquia, and lecturer at numerous winter schools.

Projects and Administration

  • Acquisition of about 4.5 Million Euros of research funding
    • ZD.B-funded research group on behavioral biometrics (budget 1.2M €)
    • Several DFG-funded projects (ubihave, Scalable Biometrics, PriMR)
    • Lead PI of a Europe NextGeneration project (budget 2M €)
  • Establishing a research group in usable security and privacy and an interaction lab (BehAVR Lab) at the University of the Bundeswehr, Munich.